Season 1,
46 min

Episode 11: Anger is a Balm (with Jaclyn Friedman)

April 14, 2016

It’s a very special crossover episode! Jaclyn Friedman, host of the podcast Unscrewed, talks sexual wellness with us, while Deanna visits Jaclyn on Unscrewed this week to talk about sexual harassment (be sure to check that out!). We discuss sexual assault on campus, how being assaulted changed Jaclyn’s worldview, the analogy of the broken stair, and how we should shift our mindset from sex  being a commodity to sex as creative/collaborative interaction. (Rowr.) Also, why you’d never force B.B. King to jam (not just because he’s dead) and how even a sexpert makes mistakes (sexually). Deanna slips “vis à vis” into the conversation real natural-like, and everyone tries to avoid using the word “journey” and fails utterly.


Deanna on Jaclyn’s podcast, “Unscrewed:”


All Jaclyn, all the time:

Title IX and sexual assault:

The Hunting Ground:

Jen Sorensen’s comic:

The missing stair:

Thomas MacAulay Millar:

George Carlin’s driving bit (which I got wrong, it’s idiot/maniac):

IMPACT Self-defense:

Alice’s post on her dreams:

That episode with Paul Gilmartin:

Robot Hugs’ “Perfect Victim”

How not to get raped:

Jaclyn on enthusiastic consent:

Books for people recovering from sexual trauma:


Intro! Outro! It’s everything!

Shame Spiral by Tacocat

Riding with the King by B.B. King & Eric Clapton

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