Season 3,
27 min

Episode 32: Aggressively Ma’amed (Hello, Season 3!)

July 06, 2018

Well, hello! Alice and Deanna welcome themselves back from their accidental sabbatical, declaring this episode to be the beginning of Season 3. And that’s not all! They also discuss ’90s fashion, how much the world is going to hell, what’s the worst thing to say to someone in a dark place, why new music is our salvation right now (but note to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, uh, the country is in flames), and what happens when your cardiologist enters the office on his Segway. Plus: delightful things! Show notes and more:

PS — You may notice some audio distortion this episode. Our incredibly overpaid sound engineer was asleep on the job, and couldn’t totally make it perfect later, and not that she’s a perfectionist, but SHE BEGS YOUR FORGIVENESS.


Lifehacker: Nonbinary People Share Their Advice on Coming Out:

Lifehacker: How To Responsibly Share Information About ICE Raids On Social Media:

“So Velveeta isn’t allowed to call itself “cheese” but an unlicensed crisis pregnancy center can pretend to be a medical facility. Okay.”

Pema Chödrön

Deanna’s article on Medium:

McSweeney’s, 17 Real-Life Would-You-Rathers I, A Woman, Have Had To Ask Myself:

The Beyoncé & Jay Z album, “Everything Is Love”

Janelle Monae!!

Father John Misty:

Neko Case:
Her interview with Scott Simon:

Courtney Barnett:

The hangry otter:


As ever, we are so grateful to Tacocat for letting us use Shame Spiral as our intro/outro music!!!

The goose that gave up is a kid’s song, hee:

If you don’t know the other two songs I used, I cannot help you.

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