Season 1,
46 min

Episode 9: Brain on a Stick (with Sara Benincasa)

March 24, 2016

Alice and Deanna get in a room with healthy snacks and, more importantly, comedian/author Sara Benincasa! Together they work out whether LA or NYC is better for mental health, how you can be depressed even if you’re privileged, what it’s like to go public with your mental illnesses, and why we should all cultivate radical overconfidence. In a word: delicious.


Want a Bill W. bobble head?

Psychologist/Meditation guru Tara Brach:

Laura Hooper’s satisfying scritchy-scratchy calligraphy videos can be found here:

Hillary on Broad City

Bob Ross: King of the Tingles (their words not ours)

The Weather Report:

The Ring Theory:

David Costabile on The Moment with Brian Koppelman:


Intro/Outro => Shame Spiral by Tacocat!

If I Only Had a Brain – extended version!

My Backpack Has a Zipper – The Dustballs! 
(from the album “The ‘B’ Stands for Crazy”)

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