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Second episode is coming (eventually)

Attention, beloved Unicorns: Our second podcast will go out next week, not this week as originally planned.

You see, Alice and Deanna recorded a second podcast, but on the day they met to record, things went wrong.

First Alice forgot her computer. It turns out you need a computer, because that is what you plug your microphone into. Alice fled in shame and returned one and one-half hours later. With her computer.

Then they recorded. It took a while. There were technical challenges, as there always are. Alice and Deanna are still learning. Still, laughs were had. Maybe some tears? Mostly laughs.

By then Alice and Deanna were both punchy and hungry and they were discussing getting margaritas and nachos. This is where everything went terribly, irrevocably wrong: in her enthusiasm for both margaritas and nachos, Alice unwittingly closed her computer before it was done transferring audio files to Dropbox. Who knew there were so many audio files in one recording session? (Deanna did. Deanna knows this.)

So Alice and Deanna skipped out of said recording place, tra la, all pleased with themselves, entirely unaware that their day’s efforts had been for NOTHING. And it was all Alice’s fault. Jesus, Bradley, get your act together.

Alice and Deanna promise to record a podcast this weekend and not mess it up. Although they both know that it’s really Alice who has to make this promise. Deanna’s a goddamn pro.

Love, Alice and Deanna. (But mostly Alice, who wrote this.)

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