Season 1,
22 min

Episode 17: Burnout Is Not a Merit Badge (with Arianna Huffington)

July 20, 2016

Alice and Deanna welcome their fanciest guest yet: Arianna Huffington! The (fancy) media mogul and author of, most recently, “Sleep Revolution” talks to us about why sleep is essential (even more essential than you thought, folks) for emotional health. We delve into how our culture conspires to deprive us of adequate sleep, why we need to fight the collective delusion that less sleep equals greater productivity, and how we can’t train ourselves to genetically mutate (YET). Then Alice and Deanna discuss their upcoming hiatus, the small move that’s transformed Deanna’s emotional well-being, and how, when the heat and humidity levels rise, Alice gets goofier than usual.


The Sleep Revolution — buyyyyy iiiiiittt nooooooww:

The airconditioniest wine store in Park Slope: (We like the Portugeuse vino verde, a lil summery and pairs nicely with Alice’s roof deck)

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