Season 3,
27 min

Episode 33: The Worst Soup

September 23, 2018

Oh good Lord, you want us to tell you what’s in this episode? TRASH. TRASH IS IN THIS EPISODE BECAUSE THE WORLD IS ON FIRE AGAIN. Anyhoo, Alice and Deanna explore their feelings about all the things being trash, which includes talk about sexual assault and harassment, but we don’t discuss anything graphic or in detail. Just the usual trash fire of American politics– this time, the Supreme Court nomination. YMMV.


As ever, we are so grateful to Tacocat for letting us use Shame Spiral as our intro/outro music!!!

Kate Harding:

9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies for Women

“Open Twitter and find women in agony, talking about how they can’t sleep at night, while the men are still cracking jokes. Can’t say it’s not familiar by now.”

“Rage Becomes Her” by Soraya Chemaly

Pigs swimming video

Natural Calm magnesium powder

Hari Kondabolu’s video about “boys will be boys”

Consent is like tea

CBD oil by Restart CBD, Austin

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