Season 1,
34 min

Episode 10: Ghosts Can Be Fun!

April 07, 2016

Alice and Deanna discuss the uncanny similarities between depression and the common cold, why “self-care” shouldn’t have to be said in a funny voice, and how ghosts aren’t nearly as prank-focused as they could be. Plus new features: “At Least We’re Not Still Doing This” and “Asking For a Friend.” Information can be fun! Finally: great podcasts you should put in your ears, and how can we find a cat that will let us bathe it?


Guardian article

Unicorns are real if you’re willing to believe these are unicorns, which we do not.

Texting with Scott:

On inherent worthiness:


Please don’t do this guys:

Princess Leia loves her bubbles!

Angel the monkey gettin’ her groom on:

Iris Awards:

Alice’s blog:

The postpartum depression episode:

Deanna’s delightful podcasts:

There Goes the Neighborhood

Radio Menea

The Flop House

Asking for a friend: Bipolar family support?

(we’ll post these questions on our own Facebook and Twitter in the future)


Intro! Outro! It’s everything!

Shame Spiral by Tacocat

“Mule Skinner Blues” by The Fendermen

(Sidenote: Deanna’s mom used to sing this to her and her brother when they were little. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?)

The “whee” jingle is from KLAC in the 1960s.

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