Season 1,
43 min

Episode 13: Lie Back, Dr Hawking (with Scott Rosann)

May 30, 2016

Alice’s husband joins Alice and Deanna in the League Bunker. Scott Rosann is a video editor/writer/comedy genius who’s also been gifted with a heapful of depression and anxiety. Learn how Alice and Scott fell in love and got married even though they were both emotional wrecks! Share our outrage at this week’s Hall of Shame inductee! (Warning: there are many f-bombs detonated over this one.) Find out why Beyonce has found her way into Deanna’s brain, and Deanna never wants her to leave! Also: delightful things. And finally, a technical snafu. We’re keeping it real.


Scott! Rosann! OMG:

If you still haven’t seen LEMONADE, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

Hall of Shame: No, we’re not linking to the xojane piece. Trust us on this one.

Hall of Fame winner: Nobody’s Death is a Blessing by Ijeoma Oluo:

Live Through This:

Jaclyn Friedman’s “Unscrewed”:

Maria Bamford’s ridiculously amazing new show on Netflix:

Scott’s delightful thing, OMG.

Rebecca Traister’s “All the Single Ladies”:


It’s the intro! It’s the outro! It’s TACOCAT!

If you don’t know what the interstitial music was, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

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