Season 1,
36 min

Episode 4: Time Is an illusion

January 07, 2016

Happy new year, even if it’s not real! In this very special episode, Alice and Deanna discuss why they dislike punitive resolutions, whether consuming tubs of buttercream frosting is fine or problematic, whether you can fend off an attacker using tai chi, and (last but not least) Deanna’s epic response to a scandal in the social justice community.


Deanna’s frosting:

Mexican Radio (we highly recommend the nachos):

Alice’s New Year’s selfie:

Dust mites & making the bed:

Happiness jar:

Austin Kleon on keeping a logbook (and more on his books):

Alice’s re-launched blog:

The Whole 30, if you’re into self-punishment:

Gretchen Rubin (check out her podcast, “Happier”!):

More on the Fitzgibbon story:

Fundraising for former FGM staff:


Music this week:

As always, ”Shame Spiral” by Tacocat!

Immolation by Jeris (c) 2012
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license.
Ft: Southbound Cinema, unreal_dm

“Thank You” by The New York Howl.
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