Season 2,
26 min

Episode 19: “What’s the Right Amount of Crying?”

October 13, 2016

It’s an intimate Alice-and-Deanna-only episode this week! Our intrepid hosts discuss Alice’s recent (re)bout with depression and what she’s doing to climb out of her mood hole. Plus: Deanna’s breakup helped her find out she can still cry; doing the work that speaks to your precious snowflake soul; and the bright side of everything in our country going right to hell. Last but not least: you can support us now! In different ways! Become a League patron via Patreon (you’ll get goodies!) and/or buy League merchandise. And don’t forget to rate us on iTunes, you glorious creatures—it really does help.


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TACOCAT’s Shame Spiral is our intro/outro! We LOVE them. Buy things from them.

Roy Orbison, who was another close personal friend and said it was okay, was singing “Crying” in the middle there.

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