Season 2,
32 MIN

Episode 31: The Universe Said, “Hold My Beer”

January 03, 2018

Happy stupid new year! Alice and Deanna are reunited, AGAIN! In this episode, we chat about holidays with the family, how “eating” “better” might make us “feel” “better,” and the rollercoaster ride that has been Deanna’s #MeToo life these past few weeks. Note: we talk about sexual harassment/assault/abuse in this episode, and we touch on suicide ideation briefly, but none of it is in graphic detail. 


Alice’s other podcast, The Upgrade from Lifehacker

The article Deanna was in:

The other article Deanna was in:

#BoringSelfCare! Hannah Daisy! @makedaisychains on Instagram!

The NYTimes Crosswords app… mmmmm…. ooooooooo…‎

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