Season 2,
43 min

Episode 20: “It’s Okay To Suck a Little Bit” (with Paolo Sambrano)

October 27, 2016

Alice and Deanna chat with writer/performer Paolo Sambrano about how he turned his struggles with bipolar disorder into a one-man show (as you do). They also talk about the pros and cons of treating your body like it’s a coding project, why Alice can’t meditate, when self-care becomes another form of disordered thinking, and is everything out of reach because you ate gluten once. Plus: delightful things!


Paolo Sambrano:

Bi-Poseur, his first one-person show:


Paolo’s new show, works in progress:

The Wisdom 2.0 protest at the end of this Barbara Ehrenreich piece:

Trascendental Granola by You Suck at Cooking:

Comics artist Jess Ruliffson:

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell


Bar Rescue, the SHOW on Spike:

Bar Rescue, the GAME (by Paolo):

Tacocat! They intro and outro us with Shame Spiral!

Happy Idiot by TV on the Radio

Everything’s Alright from Jesus Christ Superstar

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