Season 2,
28 min

Episode 24: Too Stupid to Cry

March 23, 2017

In this week’s episode, Alice and Deanna discuss Deanna’s problems, FOR ONCE. Find out why Alice thinks making fun of Deanna is the best therapy of all! Plus, why Mike Birbiglia’s “Thank God for Jokes” will cure what ails you. Even if you’re Deanna.


Izzy’s difficult life:

Psychology Today’s therapist database:

Are you an activist with a therapist you like? Add them to Deanna’s list:

Looking for an activist-friendly therapist? Here’s the list:

Not White, Not Rich, and Seeking Therapy:

Mike Birbiglia’s Thank God for Jokes on Netflix:

Get Out:

(What’s BAM? Brooklyn Academy of Music, high-falutin’ performing arts center:

Rapture clothes:


Intro/outro: Shame Spiral by Tacocat!!!!!!!!!

“Yo Majesty” by Club Action

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