Season 1,
28 min

Episode 16: I’ll Put Shorts on My Wet Body (with Lane Moore)

July 07, 2016

Alice and Deanna leave the bunker to visit musician, actress, and writer, and more: Lane Moore! We discuss workaholism, which is an actual thing (and Lane has it), Lane’s attempts to slow down, how showering can be tiresome, why advice-givers rarely tell you something you don’t already know, and how you shouldn’t have to choose between your creative loves if you love more than one thing. (Thanks, Carrie Brownstein!)


Lane Moore!

It Was Romance:

Tinder Live with Lane Moore:

Male Feminists of Tinder:

The buttercream frosting Deanna has been making for 30+ years:

Carrie Brownstein:

Did you know what that Smooth Criminal reference was?


Intro/outro: It’s the intro! It’s the outro! It’s TACOCAT!

In the middle there– Philadelphia by It Was Romance (Lane’s band!)

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